Djibouti - The 7 Brothers, The Legend

The 7 Brothers, legendary sites...

Go on an adventure on this exceptional route! You will spend most of the week on the emblematic sites of the 7 Brothers, where you can enjoy a wild setting far from any form of civilization. You will feel like you are at the edge of the world! Underwater, the density of life is extraordinary. There are only 2 safari boats in Djibouti, including the Némo. You will therefore have the chance to dive alone on perfectly pristine sites. At the end of the week and depending on the season, you may have the chance to come across the majestic whale shark. Throughout your trip, you can contemplate breathtaking volcanic landscapes. An experience that will surely remain etched in your memories ...

Two emblematic sites of Djibouti

THE STEP of South Island :

Located at the extreme south-east of the 7 Brothers, this is the essential dive of your trip to Djibouti.
Indeed, this small island is at the edge of the plateau on which the archipelago rests, so it is the place where we find the greatest animal density.
On the journey from "Big Island" you will need 20 minutes of navigation during which the dolphins accompany you regularly. The site is bordered by a drop descending to a depth of 30m, except on the south-eastern part where there is a long plateau ranging from 5m to 30m with in its extension the famous "step" which goes down to about 60m.
On this plateau, there are a large number of coral blocks, where tubastrae and acropore dominate. Depending on the direction and intensity of the current, schools of platax, pelagic triggerfish, or flight of mobulas rays can be observed. When the conditions are optimal, gray shark, goliath grouper, and an explosion of life await you on the tip.
However, it is sometimes difficult to complete the dive on the northern part of the island, where a gigantic colony of anemones is emerging for a successful safety stop.

TOLKA the Wild :

Located in the center of the archipelago, Tolka is also the low island of the 7 brothers. To reach the small island, 15 minutes of navigation in the middle of the marine protected area are necessary.
It is on the eastern part of the spot that we dive because there are 3 points of interest :
  • A majestic coral reef where the constructions of madrepores shelter schools of snappers and small reef fish in an area between 3m and 5m deep.
  • A cave, with a long opening about 15m wide and between 6m and 4m deep, into which divers can enter in small groups of 4-6 so as not to damage the fixed fauna and avoid the suspended sand. At the bottom of this cavity, a wall of lobsters awaits you and if you are lucky one or two stingrays stingrays will be on the sandy bottom.
  • An arch across the channel which is hit hard by strong currents. At a depth not exceeding 14m it is a hunting ground for ignobilis jacks, barracudas, and a resting place for a huge group of resident spotted sweetlips. This arch is not always accessible depending on current conditions.
It’s a drift dive that can be sensational.


  • Day 1 Saturday

    Saturday Divers will be welcomed at the airport. According to the arrival time, guest will be transfer to the« Beach House » (sea side restaurant with showers and sun beds, possibly lunch for an extra fee), or to to an hotel for day use. Guests that arrive around 4pm will be transferred directly on board.
    The guest staying at hotel or sea side restaurant will be then transfer to the boat around 5pm. Welcoming briefing, time to settle on board for the guests and dinner.

  • Day 2 Sunday

    Sunday Breakfast while the boat sails towards Moucha Island. 2 dives will be offered around that area. After dinner, the boat will start moving to reach the 7 brothers Islands (about 7 hours).

  • Days 3 to 6 Monday to Thursday

    Monday to Thursday During those 4 days, 9 to 12 dives will be proposed to discover those islands that offers the most beautiful dives in Djibouti. Eastern Island, Japanese garden, The steps, Tolka… Groupers, eagle rays, nurse sharks, soft and hard coral. All of this in a remote area where a very few divers go.
    During Thursday evening, we will sail back to Tadjoura Golfe.

  • Day 7 Friday

    Friday 1 day in the Golfe of Tadjoura. According to the season you might get a chance to spot whale sharks. Dives will also be organized in this area (Ras Coralie, Ras Eiro…) It will depends on guest flight schedule.

  • Day 8 Saturday

    Saturday After breakfast, guests will disembark from the boat around 8 Am.
    According to flight schedule, you will be offered a daily trip to the Assal Lake, day use or beach day to the Beach house (those are extra fees)

This program is subject to change. The boat manager will evaluate the best weather conditions for the dive sites and for the search of the whale sharks (depends of the season).

Dates & prices

Departures for French-speaking groups:

No departure for now

Departures for English-speaking groups:

No departure for now

Trip code: 97


1 week liveaboard :
  • 6 days/7 nights on board in a double/twin shared cabin ( Single supplement available)
  • Full board  (included :  tea, coffee powder, water and non alcoholic drinks)
  • 13 dives package12L aluminium tanks (DIN/INT) and leads (without the belt)
  • Snorkeling
  • Nitrox

The beginning of the liveaboard service starts with the dinner on Saturday evening the day before the departure of the trip and ends the day after the boat has returned to the marina with breakfast on board (check out 8 :00) according to the different flights’s schedules.

All the costs that might incurred before and after the beginning of the service are the responsibility of the customers (Day use, meals, hotel night…).

Important notice : Our rates may change without prior notice during the season generally because of : increasing of taxes, fuel, or exchange rates fluctuation.

Not included

  • Visa (To be paid at the airport) : 25 $
  • E-visa : 15 $
  • National and international flights
  • Cancellation and repatriation insurance
  • Dive  insurance
  • Gear rental
  • Diving courses and trainings
  • Supervision by an instructor
  • Assistance and visa delivery
  • Extra nights or day before and after the liveaboard
  • Airport/hotel or hotel/airport transfers in case of day use before or after the cruise
  • Additional activities at the end of the cruise
  • Tips for the crew (7€ advised/pers/day to be given at the end of the trip and according to guest satisfaction)
  • Drinks such as beers, wine, aperitifs and espressos


Planning and Dune’s organisation

The boats displayed on our schedule can be modified and replace without prior notice by a boat of the exact same category.  

Information and necessary documents for the guest registration :

  • Invitation letter
  • A passeport or an ID card (This has to be checked according to the customer nationality) valid for 6 months after the return date is mandatory (it has to be shown to customs clearance)
  • Passeport/ID number
  • Names and first names to be given upon bookingLevel and number of dives
  • Flight informations : arrival and departure
  • Booking requests such as : rental equipment, diving courses, cabin requests
  • Diving insurance

International flights

International flights land in Djibouti city, the name of the airport is Ambouli. We will ask you to arrive on the Saturday of departure before 6 p.m.

Terms and conditions

Payment and refund policy

  • A deposit of 30% will have to be paid by the customer so that the booking can be confirmed for an individual booking or a group booking (from 10 participants)
  • A deposit of 10% will have to be paid to confirm the booking for a full charter
  • The balance of the booking will have to be made 30 days before departure for an individual booking or a group (from 10 participants)
  • The balance of the booking will have to be made 60 days before departure for a full charter
  • Payments on board must be made in cash (Euros, Dollars, or Djiboutian Franc) or Credit Card (excluding tips payment). Please be warned, 3% of bank charges will be added for payments in Credit Card.
  • Failure to follow a route for reasons like weather conditions, government decision, diving accident requiring a return of the boat, or any case of force majeure, does not allow an indemnity or a refund of taxes.
  • Non-compliance with the program does not allow an indemnity or a refund of taxes (ex : number of 13 dives not reached because of the weather, insufficient dive level…). C
  • hanges of boats or marinas do not allow an indemnity.
  • A possible failure or the EANX compressor do not allow an indemnity. 

Customers are personally responsible for all their belongings from the airport arrival transfer to the moment they return to it. The loss or break of their personal belongings due to negligence or oversights cannot allow any recourse against Dune. 

Important notice : Our rates may change without prior notice during the season generally because of increasing of taxes, fuel, or exchange rates fluctuation.

Cancellations Policy

Cancellation fees apply to all services provided by Dune (transfers, diving, liveaboards and hotel services).

Cancellation fees apply as well to visas 30 days before departure.

A group consists of at least 10 customers.

In case of cancellation of customers on a full charter boat fare, the fare will belong to group price, and will retain the full charter cancellation conditions.

Any cancellation must be notified by a written statement either by e-mail or mail.

The date of receipt of the mail or cancellation email will define the cancellation fee schedule.

  • Cancellation conditions for individual bookings 

Cancellation from 60 to 31 days before the date of departure: 30% of the total amount of the cruise/stay. 

Cancellation from 30 to 21 days before the date of departure: 50% of the total amount of the cruise/stay. 

Cancellation 20 days before the date of departure: 100% of the total amount of the

  •  Cancellation conditions for group booking (from 10 participants) 

Cancellation from 90 to 61 days before the date of departure: 30% of the total amount of the cruise/stay.

Cancellation from 60 to 31 days before the date of departure: 50% of the total amount of the cruise/stay. 

Cancellation 30 days before the date of departure: 100% of the total amount of the cruise/stay.

  • Cancellation conditions for charter registrations 

Cancellation 90 days before the date of departure of the boat : 100% of the total amount of the cruise/stay for all places not sold. 

In case of cancellation of customers on a charter boat rate, the price may change to a group price, if the departure of the boat is more than 90 days, on written request (email) by the group leader. 

Any charter must be signaled during the confirmation of the file by a comment in the file (FC + name of the group). 

In case of cancellation of customers on a charter boat rate, less than 90 days before departure : The group leader finds other participants at the charter rate to replace the participants who have canceled, or the cancellation fees will be applied at 100%.

  • Cancellation conditions for a full charter Cancellation 

90 to 61 days before the date of departure: 50% of the total amount of the cruise/stay. 

Cancellation from 60 to 31 days before the date of departure: 75% of the total amount of the cruise/stay. 

Cancellation 30 days before the date of departure: 100% of the total amount of the cruise / stay.  

The minimum of guests needed to guarantee the trip departure is 8 participants.

At more than 30 days from departure, Dune reserves the right to cancel a cruise without compensation if the number of participants is insufficient.

  • Liveaboard or Journey cancellation and Force Majeure  

Dune reserves the right to cancel a departure for reasons of force majeure such as natural disaster, epidemics, war, strikes, riots, etc…

Dune declines all responsibility for events such as injury, death or destructions of personal belongings due to acts of war, insurrections, military actions, revolutions or exceptional weather/seismic events, that would occurred beyond its control.

Any unpredictable and insurmountable event that would happen beyond Dune’s control constitutes a case of force majeure. If this case occurs, this will be notified to the customer as soon as possible. Due to natural disasters, revolutions, wars, or state decisions, the customer cannot claim any compensation if the trip is shortened or cancelled. This also applies to anything that may make it impossible for customers to benefit some of the services (e.g. modification of the itinerary relating to a government decision, military maneuver, etc.).

The closure of roads, airports, stations, marinas and the suspension / cancellation of trains, planes, boats, etc. due to decisions by carriers, administrations, etc. are not covered by DUNE and do not give rise to allowances. 

The DUNE Red Sea team is at your disposal for any further information and wishes you a very nice trip filled with wonderful encounters.

Practical info


Airport welcoming

Invitation letter to present to get the visa done. Guests will be welcomed outside the airport by our Djiboutian representant holding a Dune sign.


The liveaboard starts from Djibouti fishing port. Guests will be transferred by minibus from the airport or from the beach house/hotel to the port so they can board the boat.
The tranfer from the airport or from the Beach house is about 20 minutes.
The boat can be board from 5 pm. 

Day Use

Guests that arrive before  5 pm will be transferred to the Beach House or to an hotel for a day use (extra fee). An other transfer will come to pick them up to drive them to the port of departure around 5 pm. 

Organization of the last day

Guests will be offered several options such as :
  • Day trip to Lake Assal with 4X4. This trip includes : transportation, private guide, sandwich and drink. This trip is optional and will have to be paid on site, the price depends on the number of participants.
  • Day at Beach House
  • Day use in a hotel


Cell : +20 10 96 67 64 91 (djiboutian phone forthcoming)

Reservation contact : BRANCA Eléonore (COUNTRY MANAGER DUNE)
Cell : 00 33 (0)6 58 64 60 58

Local contact HOUMED Ali
Travel agency SAFAR
Djibouti BP 6941
Cell : +253  81 41 15

Cell : +

Vital equipment

Advices and laws about recreational diving  in Djibouti

There isn’t any specific laws regarding the depth in Djibouti. However, the limits of depth will be given by the cruise director and will have to be rigorously respected. 

The obligations

  • Medical certificate allowing the practice of scuba diving (mandatory document, must be less than a year old)
However, we strongly recommend a medical certificate issued by a federal doctor or a sports doctor, especially for people over 70, people suffering from a chronic pathology or needing to be evaluated, or in the event of a previous diving accident. The medical certificate must specify: the number of dives per day, the maximum depth and duration authorized. 

If this medical certificate is not issued, a medical history questionnaire will have to be completed on site by the diver. DUNE Red Sea reserves the right to limit the number of dives, duration and depth of the diver (without any compensation being claimed). 

Any medical treatment must imperatively be notified to DUNE Red Sea when making the reservation request. 

  • Dive card to justify level and experience
  • Logbook in case of training carried out during the cruise
  • A dive computer, a Surface Marker Buoy, a surface emergency signaling mode (lights and/or sound devices)
  • Diving insurance (mandatory)
  • A photocopy of passport to give to the guide on board

Dune’s diving instructors are responsible on board the boats. They might have to forbid some dives in case a customer do not gather the level and/or technical skills to be able to do it. This decision can be made for the safety of the customer but also for other divers.

Dive level and experience required

  • A minimum of 25 dives 
  • CMAS 2* or Advanced Open Water diver
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Liveaboards in Djibouti
Coral Gardens Liveboard
8 days
8 to 22 people
From €1,375
French / English


Being alone on the dive sites !
Djibouti - The 7 Brothers, The Legend

Required level

A minimum of 25 dives
CMAS 2* or Advanced Open Water diver

Due to its geographical situation, some dive sites can be exposed to strong current. The decision of diving will always be made by the cruise director
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