Safaga Liveaboard Safari

Would you like to discover the dive sites of the Safaga area on a liveaboard safari boat ?

To take diving courses ?

To experience early morning dives with no other boat around ? To enjoy 3 dives a day ? Or just to enjoy the benefits of a liveaboard diving safari with very little navigation between the sites ?

How great it is to be on the boat every night to watch the stars... This liveaboard safari is for you !  On your own to blow your first bubbles, with your family or a group of friends, you will be delighted by the splendid coral gardens, the pristine drop-offs covered in soft corals or the world-renowned shipwreck of the Salem Express. Your guide will give you a presentation on the flora and fauna of the Red Sea, an Egyptian party will be thrown during the week, as well as extra-diving activities... 

Do you wish to organize a trip with your dive club, to complete your diving courses in a perfect environment with your own instructors ? It is now possible in Safaga. We can provide you with a liveaboard safari boat and a guide to simplify the communication with the crew. You will then be able to choose the sites you wish to dive for your training courses : shallow waters or drop-offs, the site are distant of about one hour of navigation. Our guide will be there to organize whatever you may wish in terms of diving. For example, you can organize two technical dives in the morning and an exploration in the afternoon plus one or two night dives during the week. This liveaboard is also open to snorkelers, free divers and to beginners who wish to train.Navigations between the dive sites are very short and the bay of Safaga offers a perfect protection in case of bad weather conditions. The main benefit of this liveaboard is that you spend a whole week at sea without having to go back to your hotel.


  • Day 1 Saturday

    Saturday Arrival on the boat, dinner, chill-out time.

  • Day 2 Sunday

    Sunday After a good breakfast, the captain will take you to the first dive site where you will readjust your diving skills, sheltered from the waves and currents. You will then sail to the second site where you will dive from one of our dinghies or from the boat. You will spend the night near Soma Bay.

  • Day 3 Monday

    Monday The first morning dive will occur on one of the three drop-offs of the Safaga area, at the break of dawn on the south-east side, which increases the possibilities to encounter pelagic fishes hunting for food. The second dive will take place just before lunch on the west side of the drop-off. You will then reach a site called Sha'ab Sheer to dive a beautiful coral garden in 20 meters of water on the western part of the reef, where the sunlight can be enjoyed at that time of the day.

  • Day 4 Tuesday

    Tuesday 30 minutes of navigation at sunrise will be enough to get to the Salem Express, a beautiful shipwreck sunk in the 1990ies. The second dive will take place on the north-east side of Sha'ab Sheer where bottlenose dolphins are often encountered. Your third dive will be a night one !

  • Day 5 Wednesday

    Wednesday It will take only 45 minutes of navigation to reach Panorama Reef, a superb drop-off covered in brown soft coral. With a little bit of luck, you will encounter a turtle on the south-east part of the reef. You will then sail for half an hour to reach Middle Reef where you will dive for the third time of the day on the western side.

  • Day 6 Thursday

    Thursday At the break of dawn, you will hop into a dinghy to go to the northern part of the reef where you will discover a fantastic plateau and huge gorgonian sea-fans. Just before lunch you will visit the eastern side of the reef that hosts one of the most beautiful gardens of hard corals in the Red Sea. You will then have a 45 minute navigation towards Tobia Arbaa where you will enjoy night-diving with lion fish.

  • Day 7 Friday

    Friday After breakfast you will discover a site called Gamul Soraya where schools of snappers and garden eels await you. The second dive, in the afternoon, will take place on Tobia Kebir where beautiful eagle rays are encountered on a regular basis. You will then go back to the marina.

  • Day 8 Saturday

    Saturday After breakfast you will leave the boat to go to the airport with your head full of nice memories.

The itinerary is advisory only and can be modified according to weather conditions.

Dates & prices

Departures for French-speaking groups:

From To Price / pers. Boat Places Options Booking
€700 DUNE - GHANI 7 / 24 13 Book now!

Trip code: 76


The price includes

  • The service charges (tips).
  • Customer reception at the airport, transfers airport/boat/airport.
  • The 7-nights liveaboard safari in a shared double cabin, full board, non-alcoholic beverages.
  • 12L aluminum tank and weights.
  • A minimum of 16 dives.
  • The taxes.
  • Free Nitrox

Not included

The price does not include 

  • Training package + PADI kit and certification
  • Reservation of a cabin on the higher deck
  • Diving gear (full or partial)
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • 15L tank : 30€ / week
  • Diving supervision (Level 1 divers and Level 2 beyond 20m) : 8€/dive/person
  • Other paid activities and services (see price-list on board)
  • Check dive / Upgrade training (CMAS Level 1 to OWD / Entering an ADV course) : 30€ / dive.   

To be booked before departure 

  • Visa and airport assistance : 31€ / passenger.
  • Cabin choice : 35€ / person.
  • Travel light (BCD, regulator, wetsuit, weight belt, fins, mask and snorkel) : 70€ / person / week.
  • Nitrox course + PADI kit : 135€ (certification : 40€ to be paid on site)
  • Advanced PADI course + PADI Kit : 240€ (certification : 40€ to be paid on site)
  • Deep Dive course + PADI Kit : 175€(certification : 40€ to be paid on site)
  • CMAS Nitrox course : 110€(certification : 40€ to be paid on site)
  • ADIP/CEDIP Deep Dive P40

Practical info

Budget & exchange

Local currency is the Egyptian Pound (EGP).
You can paye by credit card and/or in euros.
Cashmachines are available in the airport and in all the cities next to the Red Sea.
Be carreful with the bank charges.  

Vital equipment

We rent diving gear (BCD, regulator etc.). If you wish to rent equipment, please let us know in advance in order to provide for it on board. Hence, we highly recommend that you take your own equipment (except tanks and weights). 

To ensure the best possible unfolding of your diving liveaboard safari in Egypt : 

  1. Fins and mask
  2. BCD / Stabilizing jacket
  3. Regulator with octopus
  4. Air gauge
  5. Dive computer
  6. Surface marker / Deco buoy
  7. Visible or audible means of signaling (mirror, whistle...) 

The water temperature in Egypt is about 26°C 
Nevertheless, we recommend the use of a one-piece or shorty 3-5mm wetsuit. 
Weights are at the divers' disposal during their stay.
Diving gloves and knives are forbidden in the Red SeaA hook is not necessary.  

12L tanks are made of aluminum with a single DIN valve.
Adaptors are available on board for yoke regulators.
15L tanks are made of steel with a single or double DIN valve.

Helpful equipment

Gear, in case: 

  • Mask strap 
  • Fins strap 
  • Other battery for your computer   
  • Thin rope


No vaccination certificate is compulsory to this day, but a vaccine to protect against polio and tetanus are recommended.
Take your usual medication plus aspirin and paracetamol, an anti-diarrhoea (Diarsed, Imodium), and an intestinal anti-septic (Ercéfuryl), an anti-emetic (Vogalene Lyoc), an anti-inflammatory ointment, adhesive plasters, a treatment for sea-sickness (Mercalm).


You must have a passport (valid for at least 6 months after your return date) or a national identity card. In case of loss or theft you should make a copy of your passport, plane ticket, credit card and diver certificate.
Do not keep the duplicates with the master copies  



To enter Egypt, you must have a visa (valid for one month). You can obtain it from the Egyptian Consulate or upon your arrival in Egypt at the desk provided for that purpose. It costs $25. 
DUNE provides a lost luggage assistance, flights confirmation and VISA for 31€.Your diving documents and diving medical certificate that is less than 12 months old will be checked on your first day on the boat.


Egypt has a hot and dry climate with temperatures ranging between 17 to 25 degrees in winter and 30 to 40 degrees in summer.
Water temperature varies between 21 to 23 degrees in winter and 26 to 30 degrees in summer.

Best time of the year to go to Egypt is from March to November. 

Since it may be a little chilly at night in spring and autumn, it is advised to take a sweater and a beanie to protect your ears from the wind.


Egypt has two parts :
Lower Egypt (in the north) corresponds to the least elevated part of the country.
Upper Egypt (in the south) corresponds to the most elevated part of the country. 

A river, the Nile, flows through the country and Egypt's agriculture benefits from its fertile banks. 

It is also bordered by two seas : 
  • The Mediterranean Sea in the north
  • The red Sea in the south. 

Thanks to the diversity of the underwater flora and fauna, you will leave Egypt with unforgettable memories.
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