Pearls of Sudan - Itinerary North/South-Suakin 14 nights

Let's go!

This new itinerary will happen only once in 2019. The Nemo will head towards the most northern Sudanese dive sites of Pliefer reef, Abu Bishbish, Elba reef and Gota Shinab. But the most beautiful sites of the Suakin and Northern itinerary will also be on the menu. This tour will allow you to be alone on the sites and, more importantly, to have time to choose from the sites we like the most.

  • Minimum number of dives : 50 logged dives in a natural environment.
  • Minimum diving level : CMAS 2*or PADI AOW+ Deep or PA40 or supervised by an authorized member of your club.


  • Day 1 Monday

    Monday Arrival at Port Sudan's International Airport.
    25 min bus ride to go to the marina.
    Welcome briefing.
    Cabin attribution.
    Document checking (diving card, logbook, insurance etc.)
    Payment of marine taxes and visa;
    Installation of your diving equipment.
    Small briefing about life on board and safety instructions.

  • Day 2 Tuesday

    Tuesday The ship will depart from the marina early in the morning to reach the first dive site of the week.
    Wake-up call at about 8:00am. Hot drinks and biscuits will be at your disposal. Your guide will introduce the crew. Then you will have your first briefing for the “check” dive on a site called Sha'ab Swedi. The guides will tell you everything you need to know about the diving safety instructions and environmental protection.
    After the dive, a breakfast will be served and you will sail for 3 hours to the second dive site of the day, Merlo Reef where you will do your second and last dive of the day.
    After the second dive, the boat will sail towards Sha'ab Baher, a site where you will spend a quiet and peaceful night, moored behind a big reef. Before dinner, the guides will give you a presentation on the sharks of the Red Sea.

  • Day 3 Wednesday

    Wednesday At the break of dawn, we will head towards the most northern Sudanese dive sites for three dives. These sites do not see many divers which enables a pristine nature. The fauna and colourful reefs offer a highly emotional show. We will choose the most comfortable site for the night.

  • Day 4 Thursday

    Thursday 3 different dives in north Sudanese waters will be on the menu. After the third dive we will head towards Sha'ab Baher to spend the night there.

  • Day 5 Friday

    Friday Three dives are on the menu with very short sailing times between the sites.
    Wake up call at 6:00 am for the first dive on a site called Angarosh. After a good breakfast and a quick nap, your guide will give you a briefing for the second dive on the dive site of Albington. The third dive will take place at about 3:00pm on Merlo's reef. Then we will go back to Sha'ab Baher for another comfortable night.

  • Day 6 Saturday

    Saturday The advantage of this itinerary is that we will have the opportunity to dive again on the three dive sites of the previous day. We will witness how the presence of the fauna evolves according to the moment of the day. We will encounter many pelagic fishes such as hammerhead sharks, grey reef sharks and silvertip sharks. We sometimes encounter a manta ray on these sites.

  • Day 7 Sunday

    Sunday On that day we will start going down to the very famous dive site of Sha'ab Rumi. After a first dive chosen by your guides, the boat will sail for 1h30 to Quita El Banna and its steep drop-offs. It will then sail for another 4h30 to reach Sha'ab Rumi and moor there. The last dive of the day will take place among the vestiges of Cousteau's Pre-Continent 2 expedition.

  • Day 8 Monday

    Monday The first two dives will be on Sha'ab Rumi's southern plateau where you will encounter all the species the Sudanese waters are famous for. A night dive on Pre-Continent 2 will be proposed.

  • Day 9 Tuesday

    Tuesday It is not uncommon to do the first dive of the day on Sha'ab Rumi's southern plateau
    Then the Nemo will leave the site and sail for 1h30 to reach Sanganeb Marine Park and dive on the northern part of the reef. The last dive of the day will take place on the southern plateau.

  • Day 10 Wednesday

    Wednesday During the night, the Nemo will navigate for three hours to reach Jumna.
    Two dives on this site where you can sometimes see a 50+ strong school of hammerhead sharks.
    We will then go to Sha'ab Ambar, one hour away from Jumna. Night in the lagoon.

  • Day 11 Thursday

    Thursday At the break of dawn, we will head towards Protector. It takes two hours to get there. After two dives on this plateau that teems with life, we will go to Nahalat (the palm-tree). Then back to Sha'ab Ambar after one hour of navigation. Another night in the lagoon.

  • Day 12 Friday

    Friday Three dives in the Suakin area will be proposed. Last night in Sha'ab Ambar's lagoon.

  • Day 13 Saturday

    Saturday After one hour of navigation, the first two dives will take place on Jumna's reef. After the second dive, the Nemo will sail to Sanganeb Marine Park for about three hours. Upon arrival, you will have the opportunity to visit the 50m-high lighthouse and admire the panoramic view. The last dive of the day will take place on Sanganeb's southern plateau.
    You will then sail one last time towards Windgate Reef where you will spend the night.

  • Day 14 Sunday

    Sunday For this last day at sea, two dives on the famous shipwreck of the Umbria will be on the menu.
    After the last dive, you will rinse your diving equipment and go back to the marina.

  • Day 15 Monday

    Monday A visit of Port-Sudan in a traditional tuk-tuk (typical motor taxi) will be proposed (no obligation) : 30€/tuk-tuk (3 passengers).
    Divers who do not wish to take the tour can stay on board but will have to vacate their cabin for the cleaning of the boat.
    Bus transfer to the airport.

The itinerary description of this liveaboard safari is only informative as these itineraries shall be adapted to weather conditions, currents and the divers' levels.  

Dates & prices

Departures for French-speaking groups:

From To Price / pers. Boat Places Options Booking
€1,790 DUNE - NEMO 1 / 22 Book now!
€1,790 DUNE - NEMO 1 / 22 Book now!

Trip code: 91


  • Reception at the airport, transfers airport/boat/airport.
  • The liveaboard safari starts with the dinner, on the eve of the safari departure, and ends the day following our return to the marina after breakfast.
  • 14 night liveaboard safari : 15 days / 14 nights aboard in a twin share cabin (possibility of a single cabin with additional fees), full board (including tea, instant coffee, water and soft drinks
  • Package of 37 dives including 12L tanks (DIN/International), weights (belt not included)
  • Free Nitrox

Not included

  • International fights
  • Cancelation and rapatriation insurances

Payable on site 

  • Governmental taxes (250€ for the 14 nights, payable upon arrival). Make sure to have the exact amount. To be payed on board. 
  • Visas ($155). Make sure to have the exact amount. Payable upon arrival at the airport.
  • Tips for the crew (7€/guest/day recommended, to be given on site at the end of your stay). Tips are at the customer's discretion.
  • Drinks such as : beers, wine, aperitifs.
  • Gear equipment for rent.
  • Dive courses and certification.
  • All the expenses before and after the provided services are the customer's responsibility (Day use, meals, hotel...).
  • Excursions, tour in a traditional tuk-tuk (typical motor taxi) : 10€/guest (3 passengers/tuk-tuk). Available according to return flight's departure time.

Payments on site can be made in cash (Euros) or by credit card (+3% bank fees)
The price of the Sudanese taxes and visa may be modified without prior notice by the local authorities and can increase due to exchange rates fluctuations.


To be booked before departure:

  • Cabin choice : 70€ / person
  • Travel light (BCD, regulator, wetsuit, weight belt, computer NOT included) : 140€ / person / week.
  • 15l tank : 80€
  • Nitrox course + PADI kit : 130€(certification : 40€ to be paid on site)
  • CMAS Nitrox course (2 dives) : 120€(certification : 40€ to be paid on site)
  • FFESSM Advanced Nitrox diver (4 dives) : 240€ (certification : 40€ to be paid on site + FFESSM Membership card)

International flights

The arrival and departure city is Port Sudan (airport code PZU)

Terms and conditions

Payment :

  • A minimum 30% deposit will be required from the client for the booking to be confirmed (for individuals and groups).
  • Balance payment due 30 days before departure for individuals, 60 days for a group booking.

Cancellation conditions for individual bookings

  • Cancellation from 60 to 31 days before the date of departure: 30% of the total amount of the liveaboard.
  • Cancellation from 30 to 15 days before the date of departure: 50% of the total amount of the liveaboard.
  • Cancellation 14 days or less before the date of departure: 100% of the total amount of the liveaboard. 

Cancellation conditions for group bookings (from 8 people) and full charter 

  • Cancellation from 90to 61 days before the date of departure: 30% of the total amount of the liveaboard.
  • Cancellation from 60 to 31 days before the date of departure: 50% of the total amount of the liveaboard.
  • Cancellation 30 days or less before the date of departure: 100% of the total amount of the liveaboard. 

A minimum of 8 particpants is requiered to ensure the liveaboard departue. 
More than 30 days before the date of departure, Dune reserves the right to cancel a cruise without compensation if the number of participants is insufficient.
The boats scheduled on our planning may be modified and replaced by a boat of the same category without notice.

Liveaboard safari cancellation and case of Force Majeure

  • Dune reserves the right to cancel a liveaboard in a case of Force Majeure such as natural hazard, epidemic, war, strike, riot, etc.
  • Dune will not be held responsible for any event such as physical injuries, death or material destruction induced by war acts, insurrections, military operations, revolutions or exceptional weather and earthquake hazards that would occur beyond DUNE's control.
  • Any unpredictable, insurmountable or out of Dune's control event will be considered as a case of Force Majeure.
  • Should any event described above ever happen, the customer will be notified as soon as possible.
  • Should the liveaboard safari be canceled or shortened due to natural hazard, war or Governmental decision, no indemnity will be granted. (Likewise with anything that could prevent the customer to benefit from any services.)
  • Roads, airports, train stations, marinas shutdowns and train/boat/flight cancellations induced by transporters and administrations will not be Dune's responsibility, therefore will not give rise to any indemnity.

We remind you that the transportation of alcohol in your luggage is strictly prohibited in Sudan.


Any diver going to Sudan must have a diving/repatriation insurance.

Practical info


At the airport

Reception at the airport by our local agent before the customs authorities.
Pre-visa formalities have to be done before traveling. 
Visa will be delivered upon arrival. 


Liveaboards start from Port Soudan.
Customers are transfered by bus or mini bus until the port to get on board.
Transfer time is more or less 20minutes.

Day Use

Last day : visit Port Soudan in tuk tuk (church, local market, school...). The visit includes transportation, guide and drinks.
To be payed locally = 10$/person

Budget & exchange

The local currency is the Sudanese pound (SDG). Make to sure to bring euros in cash for your personal expenses on board. There is no ATM in Port-Sudan, do not think you will be able to withdraw some cash. We advise you not to buy any alcohol in transit or come to Sudan with alcohol in your luggage because it will be seized by Sudanese customs upon your arrival.

Vital equipment

Recommendations and legislation on recreational diving in Sudan

  • Sudanese legislation limits recreational diving to a depth of 40 meters (without decompression stop)
  • Medical certificate allowing the practice of scuba-diving (mandatory document, must be less than a year old)
  • Dive cards, and diving logbook justifying the level and number of dives
  • Dive computer, SMB, and a surface detection aid (visual and/or acoustic), a hook.

Dune diving instructors are in charge on board the boats, therefore they mayforbid you to attend a difficult dive if your level or technical skills are judged insufficient.
This decision can be made for the safety of the customer but also for that of other divers.


You must have a passport (valid for at least 6 months after your return date).
In case of loss or theft you should make a copy of your passport, plane ticket, credit card and diving certificate.
Do not keep the duplicates with the master copies.


You should fill a pre-visa document before departure. Ask to the Sudan Ambassy in France to get all the information. The pre-visa document has to be send to our local agent. Once at the airport, you will give your passport to our local agent who will stamp your visa. You will leave your passport to our local correspondent and you will get it back when you return.
Cost of visa : $115. Make sure to have the exact amount. To be payed in cash 
Travelers with an Israeli visa or stamp in their passport will not be allowed on the Sudanese territory (for more information, please contact the Sudanese embassy in your country)

Health information & recommendations

No vaccination certificate is required to this day, but vaccines to protect against yellow fever, diphtheria, tetanus, polio and hepatitis A are recommended.
Take your usual medication plus aspirin and paracetamol, an anti-diarrhea (Diarsed, Imodium, and an intestinal anti-septic (Ercéfuryl), an anti-emetic (Vogalene Lyoc), an anti-inflammatory ointment, adhesive plasters, Biafine.
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