Open Water Diver PADI Courses

Get your PADI scuba-diving certificate. 

If you have always wanted to take scuba-diving lessons, experience a new adventure or just to discover the marvelous underwater world, this is where it starts !
The PADI Open Water Course is the world's most popular diving course. It has introduced the adventurous scuba-diving lifestyle to millions of divers.
The fun part of the course is... almost everything, because learning to dive is amazing. Take your first breath underwater (you'll never forget the feeling) and learn everything you need to know to become a certified diver. 
During the course, you will complete at least 5 confined water dives (5m deep max) under the supervision of your instructor and four open water dives to a maximum depth of 18 m.


  • Day 1 Starting

    Starting Welcome onboard our daily diving boat, the Ramadan 2. The captain and his crew will cast off around 9:00AM to head towards the first dive site where you will blow your first bubbles. During the navigation you will complete some administrative formalities and receive a quick briefing about the boat's various areas and safety instructions.
    Then your instructor will show you your diving gear and how to assemble it.
    Before jumping into the water you will receive a thorough safety briefing and a little bit of theory to ensure your safety underwater.
    Before that, you will be required to watch a small video and read the first chapter of your “holiday book”, the PADI Open Water Diver (digital or paper version). You will take a small quiz before gearing up and off you go to discover a new sensation : weightlessness.
    Underwater you will complete a few exercises and you will go for a nice tour to a depth between 2 and 5 meters to discover the little fish and the colorful corals of the Red Sea. Two dives will be organized on that day.

  • Day 2 Discovering

    Discovering A new training day will help you get better. A little bit of theory, some knowledge reviews and splash ! You will carry out some more exercises that will build up your confidence and skills before going on a nice underwater tour.
    After a fine lunch made by our chief cook Hassan, you will take a small nap.
    Then the captain will sail to another dive site where you will carry out your fourth confined water dive (max 5 m). A nice tour of the local reef will follow your exercises. Get out of the water for a small snack and the boat will head back to the marina at about 4:00PM.

  • Day 3 Improving

    Improving You have now completed the first half of your Open Water course. It's time to discover an exploration dive with no exercises, only happiness, just for the pleasure of your eyes. Your instructor will take you as deep as 10m and you will discover another biodiversity. It is the first open water dive beyond 5m. During your last confined water dive, you will discover the last “new” exercises of your PADI Open Water course. You are now ready to repeat all the exercises without any prior demonstration from your instructor and without watching a video before the dive. The theory is over and all you have to do is to take the final exam. Today, tomorrow or on the last day, you get to choose !

  • Day 4 Getting better

    You are now ready for the final exam. Why not do it during the navigation towards a site a bit further offshore ? You will have all the time you need to answer the multiple choice questions and it will seem very easy, you'll see !
    Your next dive will take place at a depth between 10 and 18m. Your instructor will give you a signal and you will easily demonstrate your skills since you know the exercises and are now comfortable underwater. Open water dives 2 and 3 will be done on two different sites.

  • Day 5 Congratulations !

    That's it ! The last dive of your course will be done in the morning and in the afternoon you will do you first exploration dive as a certified PADI Open Water diver. Congratulations !

    This program is provided for information purposes only and can be modified to meet the needs of the student.

This program is given on an indicative basis and can be changed depending on the training modules you choose.

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  • The courses and training with PADI instructors
  • Dive equipment 
  • 5 dives in a natural environment (during 3 days) + 2 days for explorations
  • Transfers from your hotel to the dive center
  • 12L air or Nitrox Weights
  • Lunch on board and snacks
  • Drinks
  • Taxes

Not included

Tips for the crew = 4€/day (recommended) 

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