DAN International (IDAN) is composed of five independent DAN organizations that work in different regions of the world to provide expert services in consulting and emergency medical assistance. These regional networks are committed to support DAN's mission and to operate in accordance with DAN International protocols.
Each IDAN's member-organization is a non-profit independently managed entity.
Each regional DAN provides services of emergency hotline, assistance and training thanks to the support of local divers.  

In addition, each country has its own laws and rules about insurance :
DAN America
DAN Europe
DAN Japan
DAN Southern Africa
DAN Asia Pacific 

Today, DAN International is a multilingual network made up of many warning centers that work 24/7, of more than 500 hyperbaric infrastructures and of a growing number of hyperbaric specialists who deal with diving emergencies and accept that patients be referred to them.Every year, more than 15 000 calls for diving emergencies are taken by DAN hotlines, and scuba-diving medical advisors answer thousands of questions about health or security issues. More than 400 000 DAN members worldwide are provided with emergency medical care, hyperbaric and medical treatments thanks to a global insurance cover.